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Are you experiencing problems with your septic system? A fully loaded and malfunctioning septic tank is not just bad for your property; it’s also hazardous to your health and the environment. When you come across a septic tank issue, we are your people. Honeybee Septic Tank Service is an expert in septic tank pumping in Statesville, NC. Our contractors come with a deep knowledge of the different strategies and skills related to septic tank services, so you are guaranteed quality services done right the first time.

We know it’s the last thing you think about, but your septic tank needs regular pumping for optimum performance. As your local septic tank experts, we recommend pumping your tank every three to five years to ensure that every part of the system is functioning correctly. You know when pumping is required when the solid wastes reach half of the working capacity of your tank. Unfortunately, this rule isn’t followed, and many homes and business owners wait until odors, clogs, sewage backup, and other issues happen before they call for a pumping service.

While the cost of a septic tank pumping varies, it is still far less than what you will pay when you need to do a major repair on your septic tank or drain fields. How regular you have to pump your tank depends on the frequency of use, the amount of wastewater, the size of the tank, and more. Schedule your appointment with our experts and determine why we are the number one septic service company in town!

Septic System Service Statesville - Get a Free Estimate

When it comes to experience, honesty, and integrity, no other septic tank company is better than Honeybee Septic Tank Service. Our team prides itself on dependable services at the most reasonable costs. We handle all types of septic tank issues, from minor leaks to major repairs and installation.

Like most residential and commercial clients we’ve worked with, we understand that the cost plays an important role in your decision to have a septic tank service. At Honeybee, we are known in the local community for our honesty, no mystery pricing, and no hidden fees services. It’s hard to estimate the cost of a septic tank service, especially if you don’t have enough knowledge about the field. Although we cannot give estimates unless we set foot on your property, we can give you pointers of what you’ll be paying for and why.

The total expense for a septic tank service depends on the size of the septic tank, its condition, and type of service you need. As qualified septic tank professionals, our Honeybee experts can determine what needs to be done with your septic tank and provide you with a detailed report along with the cost of the needed services. Unlike other companies, we don’t give estimates over the phone. When you call us for a service, we’ll have one of our service techs come to your property and give you a quote on-site, absolutely free. The cost to maintain your septic system is way lesser than the cost to replace and repair it. This is why we always recommend not missing your regular inspection and septic tank pumping in Statesville, NC.

If you’re due for a service and want to have an estimate based on your property’s unique structure, we’re glad to help. Contact us and have your reservoir cleaned and pumped today!

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Septic tank pumping is an important maintenance service you should not ignore. When you call us, we can give you an estimate of how often you should pump and maintain your septic tank for better performance. We can also provide you with the best septic tank pumping in Statesville, NC at the most affordable price. Don’t rely on over-the-counter additives that claim to help with a pump because they cause the imbalance of bacteria and enzymes present in the tank. This does more harm than good, and you might end up calling the pro for repairs.

At Honeybee Septic Tank Services, we believe that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Professional septic tank pumping and cleaning can help you big time in keeping your septic system in tip-top shape. Doing this as part of your maintenance services can save you from expensive premature system replacement, repairs, and health issues. The common scenarios associated with failed septic maintenance include drain backup, water contamination, sulfuric and foul odors, slow toilet flushing, and environmental damages. Annual inspections are key to monitoring the condition of your septic tanks; otherwise, it can be hard to know if the waste level inside is high. Fortunately, you don’t have to search for the best septic tank pumping in Statesville, NC. We got you covered!

We are the number one local septic tank company with years of experience dealing with septic system issues. Our licensed and trained professionals are known to provide the highest level of customer service. We can help you restore and extend the life of your septic system, no matter the type, size, and condition. We specialize in emergency services and make our team available 24 hours a day to help you with your service needs. Let us put over our years of experience to work for your residential and commercial properties.

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As a leader in the industry, Honeybee Septic Tank Service receives a lot of queries in the local community as to how often they should schedule septic pumping in Statesville, NC, and how much it will cost them. While we cannot speak for the general industry, one thing’s for sure; we offer the best price and service in the area. We are a team of licensed contractors and professionals who are always on the lookout for low-performing septic tanks. We earn our reputation through honesty, integrity, and exceptional customer service in the Statesville and nearby communities.

Septic system pumping is not your typical do-it-yourself task. It involves a lot of dirty works and complex tasks that an Average Joe cannot appropriately perform. Though there are considerations when it comes to the price of the service, it is far less expensive than repairing your system or replacing them entirely. In general, we recommend you schedule pump-out services every two to five years and an inspection periodically. This will keep you updated on the condition of your tank.

A well-maintained septic tank functions smoothly, giving you a trouble-free experience in your residential or commercial property. While it does so much Septic Pumping Charlotte NCfor your safety and comfort, we believe septic tank pumping does not have to break your bank. We offer affordable residential and commercial septic tank pumping in Statesville, NC, and nearby communities. We do on-site estimates and keep you informed about the process and what you are paying for. We also offer an array of septic services, including inspection, installation, repair, cleaning, and maintenance. With years of experience in the field, we are all set to help you with all your septic tank service needs. We are current on methods and use only state-of-the-art equipment in all our services.

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Do not miss out on your regular septic system inspection in Statesville, NC! Call us today for dependable service to protect you from future problems and correct existing issues with your septic tank system. Our septic tank inspection covers the entire function of your septic system. This includes checking the solid levels inside the tank, examining the intake and outflow pipes for clogs and waste buildup, and making sure that the drain field is not causing the septic system to work inappropriately.  If you need a reliable residential or commercial septic inspection, you can count on our experts 24/7. Call us!