How Can Septic Pumping Improves the Performance of your Septic Tank

septic pumpingThe septic pumping process is considered one of the essential components of maintaining a healthy septic system. Setting a schedule for your septic pumping extends the life of your system and prevents major issues from occurring. A lot of people still find it less significant to have their septic tanks pumped. And before they realized it, it’s already too late.  Here at HoneyBee Septic Tank Service, we want to help you understand the importance of septic pumping service and how to maintain the life of your septic tank. 

Take a short moment to know how septic pumping can improve the performance of your septic tank:

Removes Sludges and scum layers

Liquids that are poured out of your sink or bathroom holes can cause sludges on your septic tank. Experts from this field find it necessary to have frequent inspection and septic pumping to prevent the worst scenario caused by unremoved sludges and wastes on your septic tank. Before the septic pumping process, the operator may use a muck-rake, an instrument resembling a long hoe, to stir sludge on the tank bottom during pumping to aid in sludge removal. The operator uses the muckraking tool to break up both the floating scum and settled sludge layers in the septic tank. A few minutes are spent with this tool before pumping begins. During pumping, the operator uses this tool to break up and pump out the floating scum layer in the septic tank. Through this, your septic tank will function in its best condition, making you feel secure in your septic system.

Removes clogs trap on drains

Commercial buildings like hair salons, pet washing businesses, and barbershops usually have hairs clogging the drain. Average volumes of hair entering the building drain/waste piping system from typical family washing and bathing do generally not cause trouble in the septic tank. Still, they might cause a clog at a sink, shower, or bathtub drain or trap. These hairs can enter the septic tank and cause even worse issues. Septic system providers then use a septic tank pumping truck to suck up the strands and even small rocks that clog the drains, making them more susceptible to functioning.

Removal of toxic substances and wastes

You may not want to enter your septic tank by yourself because it contains hazardous wastes that can harm your health. That is why in HoneyBee Septic Tank Service, we will make sure we do the dangerous work while you wait. Let us remove the toxins with most caution using a vacuum hose or pump to prevent contamination. Eliminating these wastes will help maintain the healthy condition of your septic tank and prevent foul odors from coming into your residence or commercial building.

Increases the life of your septic tank

When septic system providers perform septic pumping, it does not just generally remove wastes and substances in your pipes and septic tanks but also maintains the healthy condition of your whole septic system. This means better disposal of trash and maintenance of a safe septic system securing the safety of your household as well. Here at HoneyBee Septic Tank Service, we firmly believe that it is significant that you avail of this service to help keep your septic tank well-functioning and extend its life.

Most people may not realize how important it is for your septic tank to be pumped. But here in HoneyBee Septic Tank Service, we will help you all the way get through your septic system issues. There are various ways how septic pumping improves the performance of your septic tank. It is a must that you are aware of these to make better decisions later on. Don’t hesitate to get in touch and call now to know more about our services for your septic system. We value the trusts that our clients gave us, and we will surely not waste yours. Give us a call now!