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We use a septic tank when the sewer system does not exist or does not reach our house. We install a septic tank to store our liquid waste. Eventually, the septic tank gets full, and then we ask for a contractor to come and drain it. But what happens if it breaks down? If you want to avoid a messy situation, it would be best to call a contractor to get that problem addressed.

Septic tank maintenance is usually a simple affair. The Septic tank is robust. Barring an earthquake or drilling accident that hits the septic tank, it should be okay. But unless you trained on how to repair a septic tank, do not attempt to fix it yourself. Your best option is to call your friendly neighborhood contractor to service the septic tank.

Common Septic Tank Issues

Septic tank service can be needed due to the following issues:

  • Massive solid waste clogging the septic tank
  • The plumbing is damaged
  • The septic tank filled up faster than expected
  • The container is damaged and needs repair
  • The septic tank is beyond repair and needs replacement

Ideally, when you call a contractor to repair your septic tank, he can find a way to return it to order. Replacing septic tanks take a while because your contractor has to excavate your old tank and then install the new one in its place.

Location of your septic tank system

The septic tank might be under the house instead of outside. This can be the case if the lot is small. When this happens, you will have to move out for a few weeks. Then you can expect a significant bill because the contractor will have to figure out a way to excavate the septic tank with as minimal damage to the house as possible.

Fortunately, as I mentioned earlier, Septic Tanks are robust. They are durable and rarely breakdown unless there is a natural disaster or someone accidentally drills through the septic tank. It is likely to serve you well for years, or even decades.A local septic inspection should help in locating the septic system and identifying any potential issues.

How can you preserve your septic tank?

Since I’ve talked about what a contractor can do to provide septic tank maintenance, perhaps I should also cover what you can do to preserve your septic tank in good working order.

The first thing you can do is locate where your septic tank is and where its pipes run. The last thing you want is to strike the septic tank or its pipes when you go digging in your garden.

The second thing is to make sure that no solid objects that do not belong in the sewage end up in your sewage pipes. The cooperation of your housemates is vital here. A wastebasket next to the toilet, sink, and outside the shower can be a huge help here.

A high-quality trash compactor would also work. Even better, consider composting your organic waste. This way, you can help the environment by using it as fertilizer instead of it ending up as trash.

If your contractor laid the pipes down correctly and there are no issues with clogging, the septic tank can easily filter the wastewater and separate the sludge, scum, and the effluent. More modern types of septic systems can treat the water and drain away some of the water from the sewage that it stores and return it to the groundwater. This will allow the septic tank system to live longer and prevent a septic tank pumping service in order to remove the stored up sludge.

With this guide, you should be able to maintain your septic tank so that it can service your household correctly for years to come. If you’re not up to it, we’ll gladly do it for you. Contact our septic tank contractors today, and we’ll ensure that your septic tank lasts as long as your home.