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sewer line repair | septic tank replacement

For some homeowners, a septic tank is used in place of a sewage system or sewer line because their homes are in a remote location where the municipal sewer lines are not available. Septic tank systems can fill up and need regular septic pumping. A sewer line is even less likely to get filled or cause problems. Still, there are times when there is a need for sewer line repair.

Unlike the septic tank that is an isolated construct, the sewer line links to the municipal sewer system. Its pipes lead out away from the house and into the more massive pipelines of the local network. However, there is a higher risk of damage because the pipes are longer.

How Do Sewer Lines Become Damaged?

Like a Septic Tank, sewer lines are prone to damage when there is a significant earthquake. They can also get accidentally hit when someone goes digging around without consulting the maps regarding what lies beneath the ground.

The more mundane way that sewer lines get damaged is if something gets stuck inside the pipes. This happens when the homeowner is careless, and he ends up dumping things down the drain or down the toilet that don’t belong there. For example, feminine hygiene products need to go to the wastebasket and not down the toilet. The same goes for wet wipes and children’s diapers, as well as solid food waste. Oftentimes this is why a local sewer line repair in Rockwell NC company is called.

Clogged Sewer System Remedy

When a toilet or sink gets clogged, the usual remedy is to pour acid or use a plunger to unclog the pipes. But if the clog is in the sewer pipes, no amount of acid is going to do any good. The household pipe system contains “P-traps” and “U-traps,” which are there to provide sanitation. But they also prevent liquids from flowing into the sewer system.

If you call our septic system contractors to service a problem with the sewer lines, they will recommend one of three options to fix the problem:

  • He can use a “snake wire” to try and move the solid or solidified waste that is clogging your sewer systems.
  • If the snake is not enough, he can try to reach the clogged pipe, remove it, and unclog it.
  • He can recommend the replacement of the tubes because they are damaged.

Of course, your septic tank contractor will first attempt the least invasive option to try and fix the problem. But if the problem cannot be fixed by just removing the clog, more invasive measures are needed. Remember, a damaged sewer pipe can be quite dangerous. Wastewater may contain toxic substances and bacteria that might seep into the soil because of broken pipes. The last thing you want is to see your garden die because dirty wastewater seeped into the ground and killed your plants.

Should you invest in a sewer line replacement?

Unfortunately, repairing broken sewer lines can be costly and time-consuming. If a house has a sewer line, this means that it is in an urban or developed area where space is limited. In all likelihood, the sewer lines are directly under the house, and the contractor will have to excavate the floorboards to get to the broken pipes. When this happens, the home might be unlivable while repairs are on-going. There is no telling how extensive the damage might be. You may need to prepare for a replacement of the system. In this case, you might need to spend a few days or weeks somewhere else if you cannot stand the smell of the sewer line or the noise of construction work.

One final note: it is always better to prevent damage to your sewer lines than to go through the trouble of getting them repaired. Regular sewer line maintenance and proper care can save you a lot of money and discomfort in the future.