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A septic tank is part of a septic system installed in a house that is in a remote location or is outside the municipal sewer system. Septic tanks can be found in a mobile home or an RV as well. A septic tank is durable and designed to last for years without the need for repair. Eventually, it will break down, and the time will come when it will need to be replaced.

Septic Tank Repair can be complicated or simple depending on the type of septic tank and its location. Depending on how old your septic tank is, it can be just large containers that hold wastewater linked to the pipes of your home. Modern models have wastewater treatment included in the septic system.

Different types of septic tank systems

Some of the best types of septic systems have filtration systems that treat wastewater. The systems allow clean water to filter back into the groundwater while holding only the sludge and scum in the septic tank. This advanced and sophisticated piece of machinery is designed to be robust and won't let you down.

Regardless of the type of Septic Tank, it will eventually need repairs. The more complex the model, the more expensive the repairs will be. Contact our septic system repair company today, and we can provide you with a free quote!

Septic tank location matters

As for location, the easiest to repair are external septic tanks like the ones mounted on an RV or mobile home. In some rare cases, an immobile home has an external septic tank because the ground is too hard to excavate. Most homes will have the septic tank buried in the yard or some other space just outside the floor of the house.

There are houses where the septic tank is buried directly under the floor of the house. This can happen when space is at a premium, and there was no room on the lot to dig a septic tank. Fortunately, this rarely happens. If the house is in an area where there is little space, chances are it is in a municipality where there is a sewer system that can drain the wastewater without the need of a septic tank. If you are in a situation where your septic tank is close to the house and it breaks down, it could damage the structure of your house and even the floors inside. If this is the case, call your local flooring company as soon as possible for help.

Septic Tank Repair Services

If the Septic Tank breaks down, a contractor can do one of three things if asked to perform septic tank service:

Of all the three possibilities, replacement is the most challenging option. Not only is it expensive and time-consuming to replace a septic tank, but it constitutes an emergency. A house that has no functioning septic tank will end up giving the owner serious problems. The owners are better off living somewhere else while contractors are replacing it. In the absence of a functioning septic tank, there will be severe problems with wastewater.

Considering how bad things can get if the septic tank needs to be replaced, you are best served by having a go-to contractor who can drain your septic tank and do routine maintenance. Let's face it. It is too much hassle to get a septic tank replaced. You probably don't want to move houses while a repair is underway. Fortunately, barring an earthquake or abysmal maintenance, your septic tank will keep for a long time. The manufacturers know that you appreciate quality, so they pulled all the stops to give you a durable product.

Still, preparation is critical. We are ready to pay you a visit to do a routine check on your septic tank and suggest repairs if that's what is needed.